【Before applying】

Q: How many vacancies do you provide for the AIR program ? How can I know the availability?

We provide three residency rooms for artists from outside Japan. We review the application on a first-come-first-served basis. Therefore, the availability may change from time to time.

Q: Is there an age limitation for applicants?

Though we don’t have a specific age limitation, we give priority to young artists who plan to stay over 2 months (60 days).

Q: Can artists unit or collective apply for the AIR program?

Our residency room is a single room. If you have 2 people (maximum ) to stay, we will provide to 2 quilts. Please note that the fee differs from single use. Please contact us for detailed calculation.

【After selected - Preparing】

Q: I’m selected. How should I pay the payment? Can I split the payment?

Artists who stay over 2 months (60 days) can split the payment. The first payment include the monthly rent for the first month, utility cost and initial move-in cost and should be paid at least 1 month before the stay starts (i.e. Artists should pay the first payment before 1 March if their stay starts from 1 April). We accept online payment. However, a 5% administrative fee should be afforded by the artists.

Q: Can I change the starting or ending date of my residence?

Once the stay is confirmed, in principal the date can not be changed. However, depending on the vacancies, residency artists may be able to extend their stay after 2 months (60 days).

Q: What is the cancel policy?

Once you are selected, the payment must be made at lease 1 month before your stay starts. Once the booking is confirmed, initial move-in cost and the first monthly rent can not be refunded.